What is the security risk?

Over 90% of locks used in Australian homes and businesses use the same style of key. This key is known as the Lockwood C4, its the key that may have arrived in your letter box recently. While this key profile has some benefits it also has some major security flaws. One of these major flaws is key Bumping..

Key Bumping

With the explosion of information available on the internet, many “trade secrets” are now available to anybody with access to a computer. One of the secrets is a technique called “BUMPING”. Bumping involves obtaining a standard C4 key that is slightly filed down then inserting it into a lock and hitting the back of the key to open the lock. That’s it, no special tools needed, no specialist knowledge, just a key that will go into the lock and a file.

How to make your home or office secure?

The good news is that there is a simple fix which is quick and very cost effective and in most cases you don’t even have to purchase new Locks. All good quality locks can be upgraded to use modern high security cylinders that use restricted keys to eliminate the possibility of bumping, picking and manipulation.

Restricted keys also give you other benefits such as:

Key control – Restricted keys cannot be duplicated at shoe repairers or hardware stores, the only way of getting keys duplicated is through the Locksmith Organisation that implemented the system, with a written signed authorisation document giving you peace of mind and control over your keys.
If a key is given out temporarily you have the peace of mind of knowing that no copies could possibly be made. This is not the case with C4 keys which can be easily duplicated without your knowledge.

Increased resistance to picking
– there are many types of restricted keys and locks out there, all of them are much harder to pick open and in a lot of cases the locks are immune to conventional picking or manipulation.

Increased resistance to drilling and destructive entry – a skilled attacker can destroy your conventional lock in a way that leaves it unlocked using a variety of common power tools. This process can take seconds. Restricted cylinders have hardened steel inserts and other traps for the would be attacker that stop this.

An audit trail – From the time your restricted keying system is installed we keep records of what keys were cut, when and for who. So if you issue a key to a staff member and they leave, so long as you get your key back you will not have to get your locks re-keyed as there is no possibility of them having it cut.

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