Automotive Locksmiths in Melbourne
Delivering the best car locksmithing and replacement key services

Port Melbourne Locksmiths’ automotive locksmith and security technicians cut keys and repair, install and service the locks of all car makes and models. We also specialize in automotive transponder technology.

Our expert team of car locksmiths can service everything from older, locally manufactured cars to the most high-end European and American model vehicles. At Port Melbourne Locksmiths we use cutting-edge equipment to keep in-step with technological advances in the automotive industry. Our team of fully trained staff can solve any automotive locksmithing issue and supply immediate pricing so please contact one of our friendly staff today.

Port Melbourne Locksmiths Melbourne specialize in the following auto locksmiths services

  • 24 hour Car Locksmith Services Melbourne
  • Cut Car Keys- We have a Large selection Of Auto Keys
  • Lost Car Keys- We can replace any Car Key on the Market
  • New Car Keys- We source Keys for all sorts of New Vehicle types
  • Spare Car Keys - We can provide duplicate Car Keys
  • Car Key Cutting - We have all the tools to cut you a new Lost Car Key
  • Car Key Cutters- We have been cutting Car keys for over 40 years
  • Duplicate Car Keys- Provide as Many Car Keys as you need
  • Car Key Replacement - Call us to replace you Lost Car Key New
  • Car Locksmith Specializing in all sorts of Lost Car Keys
  • Car Door Locksmith- We can Pick any door and Provide New Car Keys at a great Price
  • Mobile Car Locksmith - We Come to you.
  • Cheap Car Locksmith- Most cost effective Car Key Replacement
  • Car Locksmith Melbourne Eastern Suburbs and other Melbourne Areas
  • Car Locksmith Melbourne Western Suburbs and other Melbourne Metro Areas

Port Melbourne Locksmiths also service motorcycles, trucks, boats and other watercraft to the same exceptional standards. For the best car locksmithing and key replacement services in Melbourne, you can rely on Port Melbourne Locksmiths.